3335.31 School of mines and mine engineering - laboratories.

The board of trustees of the Ohio state university shall establish therein, a school of mines and mine engineering, in which shall be provided the means for scientifically and experimentally studying the survey, opening, ventilation, care, and working of mines. Such school shall be provided with a collection of drawings, illustrating the manner of opening, working, and ventilating mines; with the necessary instruments for surveying, measuring air, examining and testing the noxious and poisonous gases of mines; and with models of the most improved machinery for ventilating and operating all the various kinds of mines with safety to the lives and health of those engaged therein. Such school also shall be provided with complete mining laboratories for the analysis of coals, ores, fire clays and other minerals, and with all the necessary apparatus for testing the various coals, ores, fire clays, oil, gases, and other minerals.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.