3335.55 Arrangements or contracts for use of center.

Every department, office, or institution of the state and any political subdivision thereof may make such arrangements or contracts with the board of trustees of the Ohio state university for use of the Ohio rehabilitation center as may be appropriate in order to provide for the rehabilitation in any proper case of disabled or handicapped persons in respect of whom such department, office, or institution or political subdivision is responsible or exercises supervision under any law of the state or ordinance or regulation of a political subdivision thereof. Every appropriate effort shall be made to rehabilitate and restore to social and economic usefulness all persons who are or may probably become charges of the state or of a political subdivision. Whenever any law of the state makes provision for or authorizes payment for medical services, hospital services, or for the care of any disabled or handicapped persons, such provision or authorization shall be deemed to include rehabilitation of such person. Any such arrangement or contract may establish the charges which shall be paid for rehabilitation services and facilities.

Effective Date: 09-14-1961.