3337.02 Lease or sale of university lands.

The owners of land or town lots held under leases from the president and trustees of the Ohio university, or held under sale-leases or assignments by or under the original lessees, may pay to the treasurer of the university, such sum of money, as, placed at interest at six per cent, will yield the amount of rent reserved in the original lease, or in case of a division of the original tract or parcel leased, will equal the proper aliquot part thereof, or the part agreed upon by the several owners. But a person so surrendering and releasing to such corporation must pay the necessary expenses incident to such change of tenure, and procure the services of an agent to perform the necessary labor thereof. Upon payment of such sum and of all rents due upon the land, on demand of such owner, the treasurer shall give him a certificate of such payment.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.