3345.021 Control of use of college facilities for speaking purposes.

The board of trustees of any college or university, which receives any state funds in support thereof, shall have full power and authority on all matters relative to the administration of such college or university. Such power shall include but not be limited to the authority to withhold use of the facilities of any such college or university for meetings or speaking purposes from persons who are members of the communist party, persons who advocate or persons who hold membership in or support organizations which advocate the overthrow of the government of the United States and its free institutions by force or violence or whose presence is not conducive to high ethical and moral standards or the primary educational purposes and orderly conduct of the functions of the institution. The board of trustees of any such college or university may delegate any administrative authority mentioned in this section, including but not limited to, the enforcement of rules or regulations with respect to the use of university or college facilities for speaking purposes, to the president of any such college or university, or to such other administrative personnel as may be designated or appointed therefor by the board of trustees.

Effective Date: 10-14-1963.