3347.10 Authority of commission to grant the use of lands.

Each commission created by section 3347.01 of the Revised Code may, upon such consideration, terms, and conditions as are approved by it, grant to any municipal corporation or county, or transfer to the director of transportation, the right to use in perpetuity or for such period of time as such commission shall specify, any lands owned by it or under its supervision or control for any street, road, or highway purpose, which may include or be limited to areas or space on, above, or below the surface. Such grant or transfer may be subject to a reserved right of such commission, its successors and assigns, including the board of trustees of the university with which it is identified, to use and improve, and permit the use and improvement of, such lands for buildings, structures, and other uses and purposes as shall not interfere with the use granted for street, road, or highway purposes. Such grant shall be authorized by resolution of such commission and shall be executed in the same form and manner as is provided for deeds by section 5301.13 of the Revised Code and shall be recorded in the records of deeds of the county or counties in which such lands are situated.

Effective Date: 09-28-1973.