3349.08 Liberal construction of statutes.

The powers granted by sections 3349.02 to 3349.22 of the Revised Code shall be liberally construed so that municipal universities, colleges, or other educational institutions may finance the construction, improvement, or enlargement of buildings and other structures, and additions thereto, and acquisition of sites therefor, together with all appurtenances necessary or convenient to the uses thereof, including the equipment thereof, and may qualify for any grants in aid of such purposes which are acceptable to its board of directors. Such powers shall be in addition and supplemental to the powers conferred by any other law, general, special, or local, and such powers may be exercised notwithstanding the requirements, restrictions, limitations, or procedural provisions of such other law. Bonds may be issued under section 3349.05 of the Revised Code without regard to the debt limitations imposed or provided by any such other law, and such bonds shall not be considered in ascertaining the net indebtedness of the municipal corporation in which such institution is located, notwithstanding Chapter 133. of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 10-30-1989.