3349.20 Accounts of income and expenditures.

The accounts of any trust estate, property, and funds referred to by section 3349.18 of the Revised Code and of the income and expenditure thereof, shall be kept by the auditor of the municipal corporation entirely distinct from all other accounts or affairs of the municipal corporation, and the moneys must be kept by the treasurer of the municipal corporation distinct from other moneys. The board of directors of any such municipal university, college, or other educational institution may keep all such accounts and retain the control and custody of such moneys if it, by resolution[,] determines to do so. Such board must at all times confine its disbursements for current expenses within the income of the trust estate, property, and funds, and annually shall report to the mayor and legislative authority of such municipal corporation a full statement of the accounts of administration of such trust and other funds.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.