3352.07 College of professional psychology.

The board of trustees of Wright state university, in cooperation with Central state university, shall create, organize, and provide for and maintain a college of professional psychology. The board, in cooperation with the board of trustees of Central state university, may negotiate for and receive conveyances and transfers of real and personal property for use by the college and may make and enter into all contracts and agreements necessary or incidental to the college's operation. The board of trustees of Wright state university may grant the degree of doctor of psychology after approval by the board of regents processes, prescribe rules for the effective operation of the program, and exercise such other powers as are necessary for the efficient management of the college. The general assembly shall support the college of professional psychology of Wright state university by such sums and in such manner as it may provide, but the college may accept funds from other sources.

Effective Date: 11-23-1977.