3354.20 Cuyahoga community college district to establish multipurpose service center for displaced homemakers.

The Cuyahoga community college district shall establish and operate, as a pilot program, a multipurpose service center for displaced homemakers to provide such individuals with the education, training, employment services, health care, and counseling needed to enable them to become gainfully employed and capable of maintaining their independence. The board of trustees of the district shall appoint a director to administer the program. To the greatest extent possible, the multipurpose center shall be staffed by displaced homemakers. Staff members may be provided with on-the-job training by independent contractors or nonprofit agencies. A plan to inform displaced homemakers in the community of the services offered shall be developed and implemented by the center. The director and staff of the center shall evaluate the effectiveness of the job training, placement, and other components of the program. Such evaluations shall include the number of persons trained, the number of persons placed in employment, follow-up data on persons placed in employment, the number of persons served by the various service programs, and estimates of the cost-effectiveness of the various components of the program.

Effective Date: 07-06-1984.