3375.18 Board of education may provide building or property for public library service.

The board of education of any city, exempted village, or local school district may purchase, erect, construct, enlarge, improve, equip, and furnish buildings, and acquire real estate and interest in real estate therefor, for the purpose of rendering free [public] library service to the inhabitants of said school district, which library facilities shall be operated by the board of library trustees of such school district if a free public library was established by the board of education of such school district prior to September 4, 1947, or otherwise may be operated, under conveyance, lease, or otherwise, by the board of trustees of any free public library, library association, or corporation upon such terms as they may agree upon, provided, that the board of education of the school district finds and determines that such operation by such board of trustees will be beneficial to the school district and the residents thereof.

Effective Date: 07-20-1967.