3375.351 Payment of employees by direct deposit.

The fiscal officer of each board of library trustees appointed under section 3375.06, 3375.10, 3375.12, 3375.15, 3375.22, or 3375.30 of the Revised Code may pay the compensation of each employee of the library under the board's jurisdiction by direct deposit, as defined in section 131.01 of the Revised Code. If direct deposit is chosen as the desired form of compensation by the board of library trustees for its employees, each employee shall provide to the fiscal officer a written authorization for payment by direct deposit. The authorization shall include the designation of a financial institution equipped to accept direct deposits and the number of the account into which the deposit is to be made. The authorization shall remain in effect until withdrawn in writing by the employee or until dishonored by the financial institution.

Effective Date: 2008 SB185 06-20-2008.