3375.401 Purchase of liability insurance.

Each board of library trustees appointed pursuant to sections 1713.28, 3375.06, 3375.10, 3375.12, 3375.15, and 3375.22 of the Revised Code may procure policies of insurance insuring trustees, officers, and employees of the library against liability on account of damage or injury to persons and property, including liability on account of death by wrongful act, occasioned by the operation of a motor vehicle owned or operated by said library, and on account of damages or injury to persons or property resulting from any act or omission of such person in his official capacity as a trustee, officer, or employee of the library or resulting solely out of his membership on or employment by the library board. Whenever the board deems it necessary to procure such insurance, it shall adopt a resolution setting forth the necessity thereof, together with a statement of the estimated premium cost, and upon the adoption of the resolution the board may purchase such insurance. Premium for such insurance shall be paid from the current expense fund of the library. The amount of liability insurance carried on any motor vehicle operated by said public library may be distributed among more than one insurance company.

Effective Date: 11-11-1977.