3375.82 Administration of grants.

The state library board shall administer all grants and shall provide for the expenditure of all funds appropriated for the essential library services support program. All grants shall be made under rules adopted by the state library board and under the terms of written agreements between the state library board and the recipient. Such rules shall be designed to:

(A) Ensure every resident of Ohio access to essential public library services;

(B) Provide adequate library materials to satisfy the reference and research needs of the people of this state;

(C) Assure and encourage local initiative and responsibility and support for library services;

(D) Encourage the formation of viable regional library systems and library systems providing a full range of library services;

(E) Develop adequate standards for services, resources, and programs that will serve as a source of information and inspiration to persons of all ages, handicapped persons, and disadvantaged persons, and will encourage continuing education beyond the years of formal education;

(F) Encourage adequate financing of public libraries from local, state, and other library financial resources.

Effective Date: 03-30-1999.