339.09 Hospital may be leased.

When the county hospital has been fully completed and sufficiently equipped for occupancy, in lieu of sections 339.06 to 339.08 of the Revised Code, the board of county commissioners of any county, on adoption of a resolution under section 339.091 of the Revised Code , may, upon such terms as are agreed upon between the board and a constituted and empowered nonsectarian Ohio corporation, organized for charitable purposes and not for profit, a majority of whose members reside in the county, enter into an agreement to lease for use as a hospital or hospital facilities, the lands, the buildings, and equipment of any hospital owned by said county. Such lease may be from year to year or may provide for a term of not more than thirty years and may provide that such board has the option to renew such lease at the expiration thereof for a further term of not more than thirty years upon such terms as are provided for in such lease. In the event that said nonprofit corporation fails to faithfully and efficiently administer, maintain, and operate such hospital as a public hospital, admitting patients without regard to race, creed, or color, then, after an opportunity is given to be heard upon written charges, said agreement shall terminate and the control and management of said hospital, together with all additions, improvements, and equipment, shall revert to and become the property of the county to be operated as provided by law.

Effective Date: 11-15-1991; 03-30-2007.