345.04 Form of ballot for tax levy.

The form of the ballot cast at a general election, as provided by sections 345.01 to 345.03 of the Revised Code, shall be: "An additional tax for the benefit of (name of subdivision) for the purpose of (state purpose stated in the resolution) at a rate not exceeding ..... mills for each one dollar of valuation which amounts to (rate expressed in dollars and cents) for each one hundred dollars of valuation for (the number of years the levy is to run).


| | For the Tax Levy |


| | Against the Tax Levy |


If the tax is to be placed on the current tax list, the form of the ballot shall be modified by adding, after the statement of the number of years the levy is to run, the phrase ", commencing in .......... (first year the tax is to be levied), first due in calendar year .......... (first calendar year in which the tax shall be due)."

The question covered by the resolution shall be submitted to the electors as a separate proposition, but it may be printed on the same ballot with any other proposition submitted at the same election other than the election of officers. More than one such question may be submitted at the same election.

Effective Date: 08-16-1999.