345.07 Certification of tax levy voted outside ten-mill limitation.

A tax levy voted outside the ten-mill limitation under sections 345.03 to 345.05 of the Revised Code, shall be certified to the taxing authority of the political subdivision in the first year of such levy. The levy shall be extended on the tax lists after the February settlement succeeding such election. If such additional tax is to be placed on the tax list of the current year, as specified in the resolution providing for the submission thereof, the result of the election shall be certified, immediately after the canvass by the board of elections, to the taxing authority, which shall forthwith make the necessary levy and certify it to the county auditor, who shall extend it on the tax list for collection. Such levy shall, in all years after the first year, be included in the annual tax budget that is certified to the county budget commission.

Effective Date: 08-22-1995.