345.09 Meetings of board of trustees.

The appointing authority of the board of trustees provided by section 345.08 of the Revised Code, in making the appointments, shall fix a time and place for the first meeting of the board and shall give the trustees notice of such meeting. The time of such first meeting shall be not more than fifteen days after the date of their appointment. The board shall meet at the time and place appointed, and shall organize by the selection of a president, a vice-president, and a secretary, who need not be a member of the board, but who shall be a veteran, or the surviving spouse or parent of a deceased veteran who served in the armed forces of the United States in time of war. The compensation of such secretary shall be fixed by the board.

The trustees shall serve without compensation, but shall be allowed traveling and other expenses, which, with the compensation of the secretary and other necessary expenses of the board, shall be paid from the fund provided by section 345.11 of the Revised Code, on the order of the president and secretary, after being allowed and approved by the board at an authorized meeting.

Vacancies in the office of trustee shall be filled in the manner provided by section 345.08 of the Revised Code. The board shall hold regular meetings at such time and place as it agrees upon, and special meetings shall be held under such regulations as it prescribes. The board shall keep a full record of its proceedings.

Effective Date: 10-25-1978.