349.13 Agreements with other governmental entity or agencies.

Any governmental entity or agency may, notwithstanding any contrary provision of law, lease, lend, grant, or convey to the new community authority at the authority's request, or lease, borrow, accept, or receive from the authority upon such terms as the proper authorities of such governmental entity or agency deem reasonable and fair and without the necessity for and advertisement, auction, order of court, or other action or formality other than the regular and formal action of the governmental agency concerned, any real property or interests therein including improvements thereto or personal property which is necessary or convenient to the carrying out of the new community development program, including public roads, community facilities and other real property or interests therein, including improvements thereto, or personal property already devoted to public use; and provided further that, where any such governmental entity is the developer, it may enter into any and all contracts and agreements with the new community authority for the provision by the new community authority of coordination and management service, for all or any portion of the activities and other matters relating to carrying forward the new community development program.

Effective Date: 10-04-1972.