3501.34 Duties of police as to elections.

The officer or authority having command of the police force of any municipal corporation or the sheriff of any county, on requisition of the board of elections or the secretary of state, shall promptly detail for service at the polling place in any precinct of such municipal corporation or county such force as the board or secretary of state considers necessary. On every day of election such officer or authority shall have a special force in readiness for any emergency and for assignment to duty in the precinct polling places. At least one policeman shall be assigned to duty in each precinct on each day of an election, when requested by the board or the secretary of state. Such police officer shall have access at all times to the polling place, and he shall promptly place under arrest any person found violating any provisions of Title XXXV [35] of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 05-27-1977 .