351.09 Rentals or other charges for use or services of any facility.

A convention facilities authority may charge, alter, and collect rentals or other charges for the use or services of any facility and contract in the manner provided by this section from persons or governmental agencies desiring the use or services of such facility, and fix the terms, conditions, rentals, or other charges for such use or services. Such rentals or other charges shall not be subject to supervision or regulation by any other authority, commission, board, bureau, or agency of the state. Such contract may provide for acquisition by such person or governmental agency of all or any part of such facility for such consideration payable over the period of the contract or otherwise as the authority in its sole discretion determines to be appropriate, but subject to the provisions of any resolution authorizing the issuance of convention facilities authority revenue bonds, convention facilities authority tax anticipation bonds, or any trust agreement securing them. Any governmental agency that has power to construct, operate, and maintain facilities may enter into a contract or lease with a convention facilities authority whereby the use or services of any facility will be made available to such governmental agency, which may pay for such use or services such rentals or other charges as may be agreed to by the authority and such governmental agency.

Effective Date: 06-29-1988.