351.10 Cooperating with governmental agencies.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, a governmental agency may cooperate with the convention facilities authority in the acquisition or construction of facilities and shall enter into such agreements with the authority as may be appropriate, with a view to effective cooperative action and safeguarding of the respective interests of the parties to the agreements, which shall provide for such contributions by the parties to the agreements in such proportion as may be agreed upon and such other terms as may be mutually satisfactory to the parties including, without limitation, the authorization of the construction of the facility by one of the parties acting as agent for all of the parties and the ownership and control of the facility by the convention facilities authority to the extent necessary or appropriate for purposes of the issuance of convention facilities authority bonds and notes by the convention facilities authority. No moneys appropriated by the state shall be applied to the cost of construction or operation of any facility constructed under this chapter.

Effective Date: 06-29-1988.