3523.12 Congress to set manner in which the convention shall be constituted.

If, at or about the time of submitting any amendment to the constitution of the United States, congress either in the resolution submitting such amendment or by statute prescribes the manner in which the convention shall be constituted, and does not except from such statute or resolution such states as theretofore have provided for constituting such convention, sections 3523.01 to 3523.11, inclusive, of the Revised Code shall be inoperative. The convention shall then be constituted and shall operate as the resolution or act of congress directs, and all officers of the state who by said resolution or statute are authorized or directed to take any action to constitute such a convention for this state shall act thereunder and in obedience thereto with the same effect as if acting under a statute of this state.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .