3701.135 Autism diagnosis education pilot program.

(A) The autism diagnosis education pilot program is hereby established in the department of health. The program shall have the following goals:

(1) To educate health care professionals, teachers and other educational personnel, child care providers, parents, early intervention and developmental disabilities providers, and other community-based services providers in this state regarding the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, including the range of symptoms that may indicate autism spectrum disorders and screening tools;

(2) To promote appropriate standards for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in children, including screening tools and treatment planning for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders;

(3) To encourage physicians and other health care professionals with expertise in screening, diagnosing, and treating autism spectrum disorders to share that information with other health care professionals in this state;

(4) To encourage the regional coordination of services to facilitate the effective, timely treatment of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

(B) The director of health shall contract with a statewide association representing pediatric physicians to conduct or administer the autism diagnosis education pilot program.

Effective Date: 2007 HB119 06-30-2007.