3702.80 Annual report.

The physician loan repayment advisory board, annually on or before the first day of March, shall submit a report to the governor and general assembly describing the operations of the physician loan repayment program during the previous calendar year. The report shall include information about all of the following:

(A) The number of requests received by the director of health that a particular area be designated as a health resource shortage area;

(B) The areas that have been designated as health resource shortage areas and the priorities that have been assigned to them;

(C) The number of applicants for participation in the physician loan repayment program;

(D) The number and primary care specialties of physicians assigned to health resource shortage areas and the payments made on behalf of these physicians under the physician loan repayment program;

(E) The health resource shortage areas that have not been matched with all of the primary care physicians they respectively need;

(F) The number of primary care physicians failing to complete their service obligations, the amount of damages owed, and the amount of damages collected.

Effective Date: 11-24-1995