3704.038 Information to be provided to public - training course.

(A) The director of environmental protection shall maintain and make readily available to the public a best available technology information clearinghouse.

(B) The director shall make readily available to the public interpretive guidelines and technical guidance in order to effect technically sound, consistent, and efficient permit processing under this chapter and rules adopted under it.

(C) The director shall develop a training course on the requirements for the completion of applications for installation permits and the determination of best available technology pursuant to division (F) of section 3704.03 of the Revised Code. The training course shall be available to employees of the environmental protection agency, personnel from local air pollution control agencies, regulated industry, small businesses, environmental advocacy organizations, and other interested persons. The director may charge a fee for the training course in an amount necessary to cover only the actual cost of the training.

Effective Date: 10-29-1993.