3706.15 Exemption from taxes and assessments.

The exercise of the powers granted by Chapter 3706. of the Revised Code, will be for the benefit of the people of the state, for the improvement of their health, safety, convenience, and welfare, and for the enhancement of their residential, agricultural, recreational, economic, commercial, and industrial opportunities and is a public purpose. As the operation and maintenance of air quality projects will constitute the performance of essential governmental functions, the Ohio air quality development authority shall not be required to pay any taxes or assessments upon any air quality project, or upon any property acquired or used by the authority under Chapter 3706. of the Revised Code, or upon the income therefrom, nor shall the transfer to or from the Ohio air quality development authority of title or possession of any air quality project, part thereof, or item included or to be included in any such project, be subject to the taxes levied pursuant to Chapters 5739., and 5741. of the Revised Code, and the bonds and notes issued under this chapter, their transfer, and the income therefrom, including any profit made on the sale thereof, shall at all times be free from taxation within the state.

Effective Date: 06-01-1972.