3707.42 Construction of sanitary plant - purposes.

Upon obtaining the approval of the director of environmental protection, and if so required by rules adopted under division (G)(2) of section 343.01 of the Revised Code, the approval of the board of county commissioners of the county or board of directors of the joint solid waste management district, or board of trustees of a regional solid waste management authority if such has been formed under section 343.011 of the Revised Code, having jurisdiction where a sanitary plant for the transfer or disposal of solid wastes is to be located, for compliance with the initial or amended solid waste management plan of the district approved under section 3734.521, 3734.55, or 3734.56 of the Revised Code, the legislative authority of a municipal corporation may contract for, erect, and maintain a sanitary plant on the lands acquired as provided in section 3707.41 of the Revised Code, with all necessary buildings, machinery, appliances, and appurtenances for the treatment, purification, transfer, and disposal in a sanitary and economic manner of the sewage, solid wastes as defined in section 3734.01 of the Revised Code, or any other liquid or solid wastes, or any substance injurious to the health of the municipal corporation.

Effective Date: 04-16-1993.