3707.52 Concussion and head injury information sheet.

(A) The department of health shall create a concussion and head injury information sheet for participants in interscholastic athletics and youth sports organizations. The department shall include in the information sheet pertinent information to inform and educate coaches, athletes, and the parents, guardians, or other persons having care or charge of athletes of the signs and symptoms of concussion or head injury and the risks of continuing to practice for or compete in an athletic event or activity after sustaining a concussion or head injury. The department periodically shall review the information sheet and update it accordingly.

The department shall make the information sheet available on its internet web site in a format suitable for easy downloading and printing.

(B) The department shall provide a link on its internet web site to one or more free online training programs in recognizing the symptoms of concussions and head injuries. The department shall include one or more programs that are appropriate for coaches or referees of schools or youth sports organizations seeking to fulfill the requirements of section 3313.539 or 3707.511 of the Revised Code.

Added by 129th General AssemblyFile No.192, HB 143, §1, eff. 3/27/2013.