3709.052 Contract for administration of public health affairs in combined district.

When a majority of the members of the legislative authority or a majority of the electors of each city have voted affirmatively, the chief executives of the cities affected shall enter into a contract for the administration of public health affairs in the combined district. Such contract shall state the proportion of expenses of the board of health or health department of the combined district to be paid by each city. Unless the proposal establishing the district as contained in the petition and submitted to the electors provides for the board of health of the new district, the contract may provide that the administration of the combined district be taken over by either the board of health or the health department of one of the cities or by a combined board of health. If the contract provides for a combined board of health, the number of members of the board, their terms of office, and the method of appointment, shall be set forth in the contract. The contract shall designate the city in which the central office of the board of health shall be located. The city treasurer of such city shall be the custodian of the health funds of the combined district. The auditor of such city shall act as the auditor of the combined district and shall pay the expenses of the health program as approved by the board of health and signed by the health commissioner. A copy of such contract shall be filed with the director of health.

The service status of any person employed by a city health district shall not be affected by the creation of a combined district.

Effective Date: 12-11-1967.