3715.33 Fermented vinegar.

Vinegar made by fermentation and oxidation without the intervention of distillation shall be branded "fermented vinegar" with the name of the fruit or substance from which it is made. Fermented vinegar, not otherwise provided for in sections 3715.28 to 3715.36, inclusive, of the Revised Code, and not being distilled vinegar as defined in section 3715.32 of the Revised Code, shall contain not less than two per cent by weight, upon full evaporation at the temperature of boiling water, of solids, contained in the fruit or grain or substance from which such vinegar is fermented, and not less than two and one-half-tenths of one per cent ash or mineral matter, the product of the material from which such vinegar is manufactured.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.