3715.70 Right of entry - examination of samples.

(A) The director of agriculture or the state board of pharmacy shall have free access at all reasonable hours to any factory, warehouse, or establishment in which foods, drugs, devices, or cosmetics are manufactured, processed, packed, or held for introduction into commerce, or to enter any vehicle being used to transport or hold foods, drugs, devices, or cosmetics in commerce, for the following purposes:

(1) To inspect the factory, warehouse, establishment, or vehicle to determine if any of the provisions of sections 3715.01 or 3715.52 to 3715.72 of the Revised Code, are being violated;

(2) To secure samples of specimens of any food, drug, device, or cosmetic.

(B) The director or the board shall make or cause to be made examinations of samples secured under the provisions of this section to determine whether or not any provisions of sections 3715.01 and 3715.52 to 3715.72 of the Revised Code are being violated.

Effective Date: 07-22-1998.