3717.28 Confidentiality of information.

Trade secrets and other forms of information that under this chapter are required to be furnished to or are procured by a licensor of retail food establishments shall be for the exclusive use and information of the licensor in the discharge of the licensor's official duties. The information shall not be open to the public or used in any action or proceeding in any court. If the licensor is a board of health, the board may share the information with the director of agriculture and director of health if the licensor is the director of agriculture, the director may share the information with the director of health.

The licensor shall maintain the confidentiality of the information, except that the information may be consolidated in statistical tables and published by the licensor in statistical form for the use and information of state and local agencies and the public, if the statistics do not disclose details about a particular person or government entity that provided information to the licensor. An individual employed by the licensor or assisting the licensor in the administration of the retail food establishment licensing requirements of this chapter shall not willfully divulge any information that is confidential under this section to any person or government entity other than the licensor or the individual's superior.

Effective Date: 11-03-1999.