3725.03 Application for certificate - inspection and certification of establishment.

Application for certificate shall be made to the director of health by the operator of each establishment desiring to operate as a plasmapheresis center. The director shall prescribe the application form.

The director or his representative shall inspect each establishment prior to certification, and thereafter at least once each year. Plasmapheresis facilities and operations shall be made available for inspection during normal working hours upon request of any authorized representative of the state department of health. If the director finds, upon inspection, that an establishment applying for certification complies with this chapter and the rules adopted thereunder, he shall issue a certificate of approval to the owner of the center. The owner shall annually apply for renewal of certification according to the standard renewal procedure under Chapter 4745. of the Revised Code.

The director may require the center at any time to send samples of any material collected or processed by the center, together with the results of applicable tests, to the department of health.

Effective Date: 09-19-1975.