3727.321 Recommendations of data collection group.

(A) The group of experts convened under section 3727.32 of the Revised Code may include in the recommendations developed under division (A)(1) of that section recommendations that the director of health's rules adopted under section 3727.41 of the Revised Code include some or all of the following measures:

(1) Hospital quality measures publicly reported by the centers for medicare and medicaid services;

(2) Hospital quality measures publicly reported by the joint commission ;

(3) Measures included in the patient safety indicators and inpatient quality indicators developed by the agency for health care research and quality;

(4) Measures included in the national voluntary consensus standards for hospital care endorsed by the national quality forum.

(B) In considering whether to recommend that the director include a particular measure in the rules, the group of experts shall consider whether there are any excessive administrative or financial implications associated with the reporting of information by hospitals regarding their performance in meeting the measure.

Effective Date: 11-13-2006; 2008 SB279 01-06-2009