3727.391 Internet posting duties contingent on appropriations.

(A) The duties of the director of health under section 3727.39 of the Revised Code apply only to the extent that appropriations are made by the general assembly to make performance of the duties possible.

(B) Subject to division (A) of this section, the director shall enter into a contract with a person under which the director's duties under section 3727.39 of the Revised Code are performed by the person pursuant to the contract. The contract may be entered into with any person selected by the director. For purposes of section 3727.39 of the Revised Code, all references to the director are references to the person who is under contract with the director pursuant to this division.

The department of health may accept gifts, grants, donations, and awards for purposes of paying the fees or other costs incurred when a contract is entered into under this division.

Effective Date: 11-13-2006.