3734.23 Acquiring facility constituting imminent and substantial threat - restoration contracts.

(A) The director of environmental protection may acquire by purchase, gift, donation, contribution, or appropriation in accordance with sections 163.01 to 163.21 of the Revised Code any hazardous waste facility or any solid waste facility containing significant quantities of hazardous waste that, because of its condition and the types and quantities of hazardous waste contained in the facility, constitutes an imminent and substantial threat to public health or safety or results in air pollution, pollution of the waters of the state, or soil contamination. For this purpose and for the purposes of division (B) of this section, the director may expend moneys from the hazardous waste facility management fund created in section 3734.18 of the Revised Code, the hazardous waste clean-up fund created in section 3734.28 of the Revised Code, or the environmental protection remediation fund created in section 3734.281 of the Revised Code and may expend moneys from loans from the Ohio water development authority to the environmental protection agency that pledge moneys from the hazardous waste facility management fund, the hazardous waste clean-up fund, or the environmental protection remediation fund for the repayment of and for the interest on such loans. Any lands or facilities purchased or acquired under this section shall be deeded to the state, but no deed shall be accepted or the purchase price paid until the title has been approved by the attorney general.

(B) The director shall, with respect to any land or facility acquired under this section or cleaned up under section 3734.20 of the Revised Code, perform closure or other measures necessary to abate conditions thereon that are causing or contributing to or threatening to cause or contribute to air or water pollution or soil contamination or that constitute a substantial threat to public health or safety, including, but not limited to, establishment and maintenance of an adequate cover of soil and vegetation on any facility for the burial of hazardous waste to prevent the infiltration of water into cells where hazardous waste is buried, the accumulation or runoff of contaminated surface water, the production of leachate, and air emissions of hazardous waste; the collection and treatment of contaminated surface water runoff; the collection and treatment of leachate; or, if conditions so require, the removal of hazardous waste from the facility and the treatment or disposal of the waste at a suitable hazardous waste facility. After performing these measures, the director shall provide for the post-closure care, maintenance, and monitoring of facilities cleaned up under this section.

(C) Before proceeding to clean up any facility under this section or section 3734.20 or 3734.21 of the Revised Code, the director shall develop a plan for the cleanup of the facility and an estimate of the cost thereof. The director may carry out the plan or any part of the plan by contracting for the services, construction, and repair necessary therefor. The director shall award each such contract to the lowest responsible bidder after sealed bids therefor are received, opened, and published at the time fixed by the director and notice of the time and place at which the sealed bids will be received, opened, and published has been published by the director in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the facility to be cleaned up under the contract is located at least once within the ten days before the opening of the bids. However, if after advertising for bids for the contract, no bids are received by the director at the time and place fixed for receiving them, the director may advertise again for bids, or the director may, if the director considers the public interest will best be served thereby, enter into a contract for the cleanup of the facility without further advertisement for bids. The director may reject any or all bids received and fix and publish again notice of the time and place at which bids for the contracts will be received, opened, and published.

(D) The director shall keep an itemized record of the costs of any acquisition under division (A) of this section and the costs of cleanup under division (B) of this section.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.28, HB 153, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2011.

Effective Date: 07-01-1985; 09-29-2005