3737.331 Arson seminar programs.

The fire marshal, after consultation with prosecuting attorneys of this state selected with due regard for geographic, urban, and rural representation, shall make available a seminar program, attendance at which is optional, that is designed to provide the prosecuting attorney and an assistant prosecuting attorney from each county of this state with current information, data, training, and techniques relative to the prosecution of arson cases. The fire marshal shall cooperate with the attorney general in the establishment of the seminar program. The fire marshal shall offer the seminar program at least twice annually.

Each prosecuting attorney may personally attend, or may require an assistant prosecuting attorney to attend, one of the seminar programs annually. While attending a seminar program offered by the fire marshal, each prosecuting or assistant prosecuting attorney shall receive his full regular compensation from the county by which he is employed.

Effective Date: 09-26-1984.