3741.02 Labels.

No person, firm, or corporation shall expose for sale, offer for sale, or sell paint, naval stores, or linseed oil which is labeled or marked so as to tend to deceive the purchaser thereof as to its nature or composition, or which is not labeled as required by this section.

The label, required by sections 3741.01 to 3741.07, inclusive, of the Revised Code, shall clearly state the name and residence of the manufacturer of the paint or of the distributor thereof or of the party for whom it is manufactured, and shall show the name of any substance used in quantities sufficient to be dangerous or injurious to human life or health whether through absorption, contact, or inhalation. The label shall be printed in the English language in plain, legible type, in continuous list, with no intervening matter of any kind.

The label on paint sold by measure shall show the net measure of the contents of the container. The label on paint sold by weight shall show the net weight of the contents of the package.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.