3741.09 Manufacture and sale of boiled linseed oil.

No person shall manufacture, offer, or expose for sale, boiled linseed oil unless it has been prepared by heating pure raw linseed oil to a temperature of two hundred twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit and incorporating not to exceed four per cent by weight of drier. Such boiled linseed oil must also conform to the following requirements:

(A) Its specific gravity at sixty degrees Fahrenheit must be not less than nine hundred thirty-five thousandths and not greater than nine hundred forty-five thousandths.

(B) Its saponification value, Koettstorfer figure, must not be less than one hundred eighty-six.

(C) Its iodine number must not be less than one hundred sixty.

(D) Its acid value must not exceed ten.

(E) The volatile matter expelled at two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit must not exceed one half of one per cent.

(F) No mineral oil shall be present, and the amount of unsaponifiable matter as determined by standard methods shall not exceed two and five tenths per cent.

(G) The film left after flowing the oil over glass and allowing it to drain in a vertical position must be free from tackiness in not to exceed twenty hours, at a temperature of about seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.