3767.16 Prohibition against deposit of dead animals and offal upon land or water.

No person shall put the carcass of a dead animal or the offal from a slaughterhouse, butcher's establishment, packing house, or fish house, or spoiled meat, spoiled fish, or other putrid substance or the contents of a privy vault, upon or into a lake, river, bay, creek, pond, canal, road, street, alley, lot, field, meadow, public ground, market place or common. No owner or occupant of such place, shall knowingly permit such thing to remain therein to the annoyance of any citizen or neglect to remove or abate the nuisance occasioned thereby within twenty-four hours after knowledge of the existence thereof, or after notice thereof in writing from a township trustee or township highway superintendent, constable, or health commissioner of a city or general health district in which such nuisance exists or from a county commissioner of such county.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.