3767.19 Prohibition against nuisances when near state institutions.

No person shall carry on the business of slaughtering, tallow chandlery, or the manufacturing of glue, soap, starch, or other article, the manufacture of which is productive of unwholesome or noxious odors in a building or place within one mile of a benevolent or correctional institution supported wholly or in part by the state. No person shall erect or operate, within one hundred twenty rods of such benevolent institution, a rolling mill, blast furnace, nail factory, copper-smelting works, petroleum oil refinery, or other works which may generate unwholesome or noxious odors or make loud noises, or which may annoy or endanger the health or prevent the recovery of the inmates of such institution. Each week such business is conducted, or works operated, constitutes a separate offense.

All property, real or personal, which is used with the knowledge of the owner thereof in violation of this section, shall be liable, without exemption, for the fines and costs assessed for such violation.

Effective Date: 10-06-1994.