3767.33 Authorization for disposal of materials in or upon banks of ditch, stream, river, or other watercourse.

No zoning commission, municipal corporation, or other governmental authority, except the director of environmental protection acting pursuant to the powers granted to him in sections 6111.01 to 6111.08 of the Revised Code, may authorize the placing or disposal of materials in or upon the banks of a ditch, stream, river, or other watercourse after January 1, 1968, where such placing or disposal would be prohibited under the provisions of section 3767.32 of the Revised Code. Such placing or disposal may be enjoined by the common pleas court in the county in which the placing or disposal occurs, upon application by the prosecuting attorney of the county, the director of environmental protection, the director of health, or the attorney general.

Effective Date: 10-23-1972.