3767.34 Rest room facilities free of charge.

(A) No person shall make available any rest room facility intended for multiple occupancy and which requires payment of money or any other thing of value for entry into the rest room facility, or for use of a toilet within, unless said person also makes available for use by the same sex, at the same location, an equal number of the same kind of rest room facilities, toilets, urinals, and washbowls free of charge.

(B) Rest room facilities having no more than one toilet and a washbowl, or having no more than one toilet, one urinal, and one washbowl, shall be exempt from the provisions of division (A) of this section if a key is made available immediately, or other means of access made available immediately, for any customer who requests use of the rest room facility or the toilet, urinal, or washbowl within.

(C) As used in divisions (A) and (B) of this section, "rest room facility" means any room or area containing one or more toilets, washbowls, or urinals; "multiple occupancy" means a rest room facility containing more than one toilet and one washbowl, or containing more than one toilet, one urinal, and one washbowl used for the purpose of eliminating human biological waste materials and commonly referred to as "lavatory," "toilet," "urinal," or "water closet."

Effective Date: 08-18-1976.