3770.021 Employment by commission - prohibitions - internal rules.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, no person shall be employed by or continue employment with the state lottery commission who has been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony, or of a misdemeanor of the first, second, or third degree, involving gambling, fraud or misrepresentation, theft, or any crime of moral turpitude, as long as the record of the conviction has not been sealed pursuant to Chapter 2953. of the Revised Code or pursuant to a statute of another jurisdiction that governs the sealing of criminal records. The director of the commission may adopt internal management rules designating vehicular offenses, conviction of which will disqualify persons from employment with the commission; specifying time periods after which persons who have been convicted of the offenses described in this section may be employed by the commission; and establishing requirements for an applicant or employee to seek a court order to have the records sealed in accordance with law relating to the sealing of criminal records.

Effective Date: 09-26-1996.