3791.01 Prohibited acts generally.

No owners, officers, member of a board or committee, or other person shall construct, erect, build, or equip an opera house, hall, theater, church, schoolhouse, college, academy, seminary, infirmary, sanitarium, children's home, hospital, medical institute, asylum, memorial building, armory, assembly hall, or other building used for the assemblage or betterment of people in any municipal corporation, county, or township in this state, or make any addition thereto or alteration thereof, except in case of repairs for maintenance without affecting the construction, sanitation, safety, or other vital feature of said building or structure, without complying with Chapters 3781. and 3791. of the Revised Code or rules or regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

No architect, builder, engineer, plumber, carpenter, mason, contractor, subcontractor, foreman, or employee shall violate or assist in violating such chapters.

Effective Date: 10-24-1975.