3791.13 Repair and removal.

(A) When a municipal corporation or county enters and repairs or removes an abandoned service station and its appurtenances and restores the property as provided in division (E) or (G) of section 3791.12 of the Revised Code, it may bring an action to recover the costs of repair or removal and restoration, plus the costs of the suit. The owner of the property and any lessee, other than a person leasing and operating the service station pursuant to a contract with a supplier of gasoline and other petroleum products, shall be jointly and severally liable for the costs.

(B) Sections 3791.12, 3791.13 and 3791.99 of the Revised Code shall be an alternative remedy for the removal of abandoned service stations and shall not invalidate municipal ordinances regulating the use, requiring maintenance or repair, or providing for the removal of service stations.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 7, HB 51, §101.01, eff. 7/1/2013.

Effective Date: 11-07-1975 .