3791.21 Refuse container safety standards.

(A) As used in this section "refuse container" means only that type of refuse container which is self-dumping by means of a specially designed front, side, or rear loading vehicle.

(B) The board of building standards shall adopt by rule safety standards in compliance with regulations adopted by the federal consumer product safety commission on June 13, 1977 (Federal Register Vol. 42, No. 113, pp.30296-30302), to require refuse containers to be constructed, installed, or redesigned so that they will not tip over if persons climb in or on them.

(C) The rules of the board shall require all newly manufactured or installed refuse containers and all existing refuse containers to meet the safety standards before July 1, 1978.

(D) No person shall install, manufacture, sell, lease, or purchase any refuse container that does not conform to the rules of the board adopted under this section.

Effective Date: 06-06-1978.