3796.19 Processor license.

(A) Notwithstanding any conflicting provision of the Revised Code, the holder of a current, valid processor license issued under this chapter may do any of the following:

(1) Obtain medical marijuana from one or more licensed cultivators:

(2) Subject to division (B) of this section, process medical marijuana obtained from one or more licensed cultivators into a form described in section 3796.06 of the Revised Code:

(3) Deliver or sell processed medical marijuana to one or more licensed retail dispensaries.

(B) When processing medical marijuana, a licensed processor shall do both of the following:

(1) Package the medical marijuana in accordance with child-resistant effectiveness standards described in 16 C.F.R. 1700.15(b) on the effective date of this section;

(2) Label the medical marijuana packaging with the product's tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol content;

(3) Comply with any packaging or labeling requirements established in rules adopted by the department of commerce under section 3796.03 of the Revised Code.

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Added by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 523, §1, eff. 9/8/2016.