3901.386 Reimbursement contract - reimbursements to be made directly to hospital - assignment of benefits.

(A) Notwithstanding section 1751.13 or division (I)(2) of section 3923.04 of the Revised Code, a reimbursement contract entered into or renewed on or after June 29, 1988, between a third-party payer and a hospital shall provide that reimbursement for any service provided by a hospital pursuant to a reimbursement contract and covered under a benefits contract shall be made directly to the hospital.

(B) If the third-party payer and the hospital have not entered into a contract regarding the provision and reimbursement of covered services, the third-party payer shall accept and honor a completed and validly executed assignment of benefits with a hospital by a beneficiary, except when the third-party payer has notified the hospital in writing of the conditions under which the third-party payer will not accept and honor an assignment of benefits. Such notice shall be made annually.

(C) A third-party payer may not refuse to accept and honor a validly executed assignment of benefits with a hospital pursuant to division (B) of this section for medically necessary hospital services provided on an emergency basis.

Effective Date: 07-24-2002 .