3903.74 Sale and distribution of securities of defaulting companies.

If any company, corporation, or association required by law to make a deposit with the superintendent of insurance, or other state officer, to secure the contracts or such company, corporation, or association, or for any other purpose, fails to pay any of its liabilities upon such contracts, or other obligations, according to the terms thereof after the liability thereon has been determined, or if such company, corporation, or association, having ceased to do business with this state, leaves unpaid any such liability or has become insolvent, the attorney general, on behalf of the superintendent, or such other officer, and upon the application of any person entitled to participate in such deposit, or the proceeds arising therefrom, shall commence a civil action in the court of common pleas of Franklin county, making the company, corporation, or association a party defendant, to determine the rights of all parties claiming any interest in such deposit, to subject the deposit to the payment or satisfaction of all liabilities, and to distribute such fund among the persons entitled thereto.

Effective Date: 03-07-1983 .